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Sharkweels, why use “square” Wheels on your Longboard?

Came across these crazy wheels, they look square but only from the side and they roll like crazy!



The Shark Wheel is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced wheels on the market right now. It has been designed by a company Shark Wheel LLC in Lake Forest, CA by David Patrick. The wheel has been literally re-invented.

The Shark Wheel is flat on six sides and has many performance advantages when you compare this wheel with a traditional wheel. The wheels appear to be square but roll smoothly like conventional wheels.

Why the name Shark Wheel? Well, the wheel has a nearly identical shape of the shark’s jaw. When the wheel is in motion, it appears to be a rolling cube, but when you ride it feels perfectly circular.

Because of the design, the thinner contact patch from the three strips gives a faster ride, and less rolling resistance while cutting a path through dirt.


  • Works with all standard trucks and bearings
  • Many colors available
  • allows for a very wide wheel with low friction
  • has all the benefits of a thin-profile wheel
  • The Shark Wheel offers the same speed as a traditional wheel
  • Flat on 6 sides, but circular when riding
  • Same speed as a traditional wheel
  • Doesn’t lose traction when riding over rough terrain
  • Available in 60mm (California Roll) and 70mm (Sidewinder) and 76mm too
  • Very fast with excellent grip and control
  • Designed and manufactured in California, USA
  • Best wheel in the world over rough terrain (pebbles, debris, sand, water, etc)
  • Great for downhill longboarding
If you are interested in all Shark Wheels available check out: Shark Wheels with shark wheels.


You longboard can not survive without great wheels. Its like a car without tires.

Your car can not move without wheels/tires and the wider the are the more contact with the asphalt.

Same is true for longboards. They have wider wheel based – compared to skateboards – so there is more contact with the concrete/asphalt you skate on.

This allows for sliding at higher speeds and keeping the board under control at high speeds.

On a drop deck longboard you are close to the ground and you have a stable ride, however without the right wheels you still go no where.


Here a great drop down longboard with premium zaza wheels size 70mm  with a  83a hardness.

This is a great freeride / small downhill longboard from ehlers.